Megazone Hamilton



Megazone Laser Games are  NOW OPEN in the same building as Leap Hamilton. 

Try an amazing game of Laser Tag and unleash all your infrared fury! With plenty of hiding spots in our brand new Laser Tag arena - stalk your mates and other unsuspecting victims during a variety of games played in the dark with fluro artwork, mist & mirrors all designed to keep you buzzing 'laser style'.

Why not have a go at our brand new Laser Trap – the newest laser game on the block.  Players battle a maze/web of lasers…the faster your escape – the higher your score. Hamilton's Laser Trap has one awesome difference - choose whether to tackle the trap alone or challenge a friend in 2 player mode. Seriously awesome fun AND it is the first of its kind in New Zealand! 

Then it's arcade time! Shooting and driving games, cranes to test your skill level and air hockey to challenge your mates. It's all go at Megazone!

Terms and Conditions

General Policies & Reminders

  • Are you wearing the appropriate coloured wristband?  If not, please head on down to reception.
  • Parents are responsible for their children while on the LEAP & MEGAZONE premises.
  • If you have a pre-existing heart condition, a pre-existing back problem or any other medical condition we advise you not to participate in this activity.
  • Children, 14 years and younger, MUST have a parent/guardian present on the LEAP & MEGAZONE premises.
  • Children, 6 years and younger, MUST be accompanied by a paying adult during genera session times.


  • Every customer must attend our safety briefing video every time prior to the start of their session
  • Listen to the LEAP & MEGAZONE Staff.
  • No running in Laser Tag arena.
  • No climbing on walls or scenery.
  • No physical contact with other playings.
  • No lying down or sitting on floors.
  • No inappropiate language.
  • Do not enter the park while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Absolutely NO food or drink to be consumed on our equipment.


  • Listen to LEAP & MEGAZONE staff as they explain how to play.
  • 2 people max. at a time.

Venue Details

42 Sunshine Ave

Te Rapa


07 850 4222

Monday: 10am - 7pm (School Holidays 9am - 7pm)

Tuesday: 10am - 7pm (School Holidays 9am - 7pm)

Wednesday: 10am - 10pm (School Holiday 9am - 10pm)

Thursday: 10am - 8pm (School Holidays 9am - 8pm)

Friday:   10pm - 9pm (School Holidays 9am - 9pm)

Saturday:   10am - 8pm (School Holidays 9am - 8pm)

Sunday:   10am - 6pm (School Holidays 9am - 6pm)

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